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Doncaster Skills Academy has become part of something bigger and better... Opportunities Doncaster.

Join us for a FREE event on Tuesday 16 July 2019 to celebrate the launch of this new organisation that is part of the Doncaster Chamber group and working with Doncaster Council, Start Doncaster, Advance, Opportunity Area Doncaster and The Careers & Enterprise Partnership for businesses to get involved and engage with young people - your future workforce.

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Participate in Skills Delivery Days in schools
Offer work experience placements
Provide internships
Sign up to the Doncaster Promise
Participate in Doncaster Careers Week
Sponsor Opportunities Doncaster Live
Exhibit at Opportunities Doncaster Live
Profile your business on Start Doncaster digital platform
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Key partners

  • Doncaster Chamber
  • Doncaster Council
  • Start
  • Start
  • Advance