Opportunities Doncaster brings business and education together to raise the awareness and aspirations of young people to pursue the different careers and education pathways available to them, gain the soft skills they need to be work-ready, and be inspired by their future employers.

Our story

We believe every young person in Doncaster should have a clear line of sight of what they can achieve and how they can meet their aspirations, no matter their social background. We work with schools and business in Doncaster to open up the world of work and provide authentic employer experiences for over 10,000 young people every year. 

"Research shows that young adults who have greater levels of contact with employers whilst at school are significantly less likely to become NEET and can expect, when in full-time employment, to earn up to 18% more than peers who had no such workplace exposure."

Education & Employers

Meeting and working alongside business professionals is the best way to demystify careers and help young people prepare for their futures. We bring schools and businesses together so students can learn about employment opportunities in our region, and develop the necessary skills and experience.

We support businesses to meet their CSR goals and with their employer engagement strategy to raise their profile and build a pipeline of talent.

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