A Supported Internship is a structured programme of study undertaken by a young person aged 16-24 with learning difficulties or disabilities.

Supported Internships

Supported Internships are programmes specially adapted to meet the skills and ability of an individual whilst fulfilling a genuine business need for the employer. The programme combines unpaid work with an employer and time in college to gain skills such as maths, English, ICT, Health and Safety and job search skills.

The young person is partnered with a job coach (a member of staff) to mentor them, offer support and build confidence when in your workplace.

Benefits of Supported Internships

Evidence shows that workers with a disability demonstrate great commitment and performance and have excellent attendance records.

  • Higher enthusiasm, accuracy and productivity.
  • Gain a fresh perspective.
  • Equips young people with skills they need to progress in the workplace.
  • Increases workforce diversity.
  • Increases disability awareness in your workplace.
  • Build local employer and educational relationships.
  • Employ a diverse workforce and see benefits such as higher motivation, commitment and attention to detail in your team.
  • Lift the level of disability confidence, expectation and aspiration for young people with learning difficulties and disabilities.
  • Supporting more young people with SEND into employment will result in a more diverse, inclusive and tolerant local community.

What kind of jobs could the person do?

Keep in mind that every individual has different skills and will be suited to different kinds of jobs. Generally, Supported Internships involve:

  • Jobs that require practical skills that can be learned through practice and repetition.
  • Jobs that do not require high level qualifications.
  • Jobs that do not require a driving licence.
  • Working in settings such as warehouses, catering establishments, estates, retail or administration.

Could you provide a Supported Internship?

Read the Department for Education guide on Supported Internships

Read the Department for Education guide on Supported Internships

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