The Doncaster Promise is an opportunity for you to shape the future for learning, skills and workforce development in our borough.

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We want businesses, schools and colleges to work better together to support the needs of Doncaster learners and the Doncaster economy. To support this, Opportunities Doncaster, working in partnership with Doncaster Chamber, Doncaster Opportunity Area and Doncaster Council, are opening a dialogue with the public, young people, educators, businesses and key stakeholders about the future of business, education and skills in the borough.

This dialogue with Doncaster residents and our partners will help us shape the Doncaster Promise and the agreed set of entitlements and expectations for future business and education partnerships.

What is the consultation?

We are consulting members of the public, educators, businesses, and other key stakeholders about the Doncaster Promise. We have already engaged in some initial consultation exercises with businesses and educators, who have challenged us to build a compact between business and education that meets the needs of businesses, the education and skills sector and the growing local economy. 

Opportunities Doncaster stands ready to work with colleagues from across the borough to develop the Doncaster Promise and build this new compact between business and education in Doncaster.

The findings of this consultation have been summarised and are being presented back for your consideration. The consultation document:

  • Outlines the concept of the Doncaster Promise.
  • Presents the draft list for consultation of proposed engagements that employers could sign up to as part of the promise commitment.
  • Outlines the benefits to young people, educators and businesses.
  • Outlines the support activity for each proposed engagement that employers could sign up to as part of the promise commitment.

The purpose of this consultation is to agree activity that would form the Doncaster Promise, ensuring it meets the needs of businesses, the education and skills sector, young people and the growing local economy. 

How can you share your views?

You have until 1 October 2019 to share your feedback by completing the Doncaster Promise consultation survey

What happens next?

Once the deadline to complete the survey has passed, we will review the feedback, to inform the development of the Doncaster Promise and will develop an accompanying Strategy and Project Plan, with a view to launch the Promise later in the Autumn.


If you have any questions about this consultation or issues you would like to raise please contact Andrew Hibbitt, Education and Skills Director, Doncaster Chamber and Opportunities Doncaster at

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