Sign the Doncaster Promise by checking the box for each activity that you are interested or are already participating in.

Engage, Inspire and Celebrate

This could be a careers talk organised with or mediated through Opportunities Doncaster, utilising Primary Futures for primary school engagement.

Working with Opportunities Doncaster, host an industry visit or shorter visit at your business venue to give learners insight into what you do and the range of occupations available at your place of work.

Join us at the borough’s biggest careers event.

Feature your business on Start Doncaster, the borough’s digital all-age Careers Information, Advice and Guidance platform, currently used by over 3,000 students in Doncaster.

Currently, 63% of Doncaster schools and 100% of colleges have registered to use this portal, with over 400 employers now registered to support.

Working with Opportunities Doncaster, be part of in-school curriculum activities, such as delivering curriculum competitions, taking part in the Made it in Doncaster video project or hosting webinars.

Skills for your Future Workforce

Working with Opportunities Doncaster and NYBEP, we can help you to provide meaningful work experience that ranges from one-day taster sessions to two-week placements – limited periods of time to help individuals to experience work in your setting.

This includes working to develop mature apprentices or graduates who are currently working within your business.

Working with the Careers and Enterprise Company, volunteer for one day a month to support an assigned school or college to develop its Careers Strategy and use your networks to increase employer engagement.

Advance will help you access the skills you require and will assist applicants and career-changers in Doncaster to access opportunities in your business.

Offer your employees volunteering opportunities as part of a local National Literacy Trust programme.

Reaching Communities

Working with DWP and Opportunities Doncaster, help improve prospects for SEND employees and job applicants alike.

Working with Opportunities Doncaster and Project Choice to support more learners with SEND move into the world of work.

Volunteer with the Doncaster Trusted Mentor Service and use that opportunity to give a vulnerable young person a taste of the world of work. Or volunteer for an older learner and potential employee through the DWP Mentoring Circles Programme.

Working with Opportunities Doncaster and the Advance programme, showcase what your business does in your local community and encourage them to engage with your organisation through going out into the locality.

Commit to maximising local social value by investing in the skills of your current and future workforce.