To sign the Doncaster Promise, please check each box to acknowledge the expectations for our Education and Skills sector.

Expectations of our Education and Skills sector

Fully engage with the Promise, businesses and the public sector. To be responsive and communicate their needs effectively.

Commit to business learning in the classroom and the development of high quality CEIAG, including a commitment to inform all learners of relevant high-quality local employment and education pathways.

Commit to meeting the eight Gatsby Benchmarks in careers education, information, advice and guidance.

Engage with Opportunities Doncaster, Doncaster Careers Hub and Enterprise Adviser Network

Work with businesses and the public sector to develop vocationally relevant learning opportunities, which provide learners with the essential life skills they require to function within both Doncaster as a place and the wider, modern, globalised economy.

Utilise the significant available resources available within Doncaster and to forge partnerships for the benefit of learners and the wider community.