Opportunities Doncaster works with parents/carers to get their child excited by the range of opportunities available to them for their future career, help them understand how they might get there, and be aware of the diverse range of opportunities that are available with local employers.


Parents/carers play an important role in supporting their child to understand about the different career opportunities available to them, what they need to do to get there and to raise their aspirations – whether that’s continuing education, doing an apprenticeship or going straight into the workplace.

Working with primary and secondary schools and businesses across the borough, Opportunities Doncaster can provide you and your child with expert information and guidance to help them make the right choices and introduce them to the right opportunities to make happen.

Just some of the activities that we organise for parents/carers to learn more about the career opportunities available to young people include:

  • Parent/carer/community business engagement events - Meet employers and education providers to find out about the opportunities available to your child
  • Opportunities Doncaster Live - A flagship event showcasing over 100 employers and education providers for young people and their parents/careers. (13 February 2020)
  • Careers Week - A high profile week of business and education activities providing meaningful employer encounters. (10 - 14 February 2020)

Just some of the activities that we can organise for your child through their school include:

  • Careers Talks and Skills Days - Businesses will deliver activities and careers talks to inspire young people and showcase their business
  • Opportunities Doncaster Live event - A flagship event for young people and parents/carers to meet employers and consider the different career pathways available
  • Industry visits - Businesses will open their doors for young people to visit and see what careers they have to offer
  • Work placement/experience matching - We'll match young people with engaged employers offering meaningful work placements
  • Business/curriculum based project - A borough-wide competition to provide young people with skills-based learning and to be judged at Opportunities Doncaster Live

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