We will arrange a consultation and work with you as the schools Careers Leader to tailor and bespoke each package of activities to:

How we work with you


  • Link in with your school improvement plan, broader careers strategy and the work you’re undertaking with your Enterprise Coordinator
  • Meet the specific needs and interests of your students
  • Link with curriculum objectives where possible
  • Reflect the local and national labour market trends and insights
  • Ensure career learning is progressive and builds upon past experiences


We will provide the following support to ensure that your students can maximise their learning experience:

  • Relevant materials to inform and prepare the students for the careers activity in advance.
  • A briefing for employer volunteers which ensures they are prepared and aware of the intended outcomes of the activity.
  • Logistical support on the day of the activity


We encourage reflective practice following all careers activities by:

  • Providing relevant materials to aid reflection
  • Support you to plan time to allow students to reflect
  • Organising a debrief meeting with yourself as the Career Leader if appropriate


We will work with you to build in next-steps by:

  • Completing any follow up questions or actions with employer volunteers where possible
  • Supporting you to evaluate the impact of activities to inform future activity
  • Ensuring future plans or activities are progressive and build on this experience